Saturday, June 10, 2006

HFM Caught Stealing

HFM, the publisher of a new magazine called SHOCK and publisher of other magazines such as Car and Driver, Flying, Road and Track and several other titles has been caught stealing the art of blogger and photographer Michael Yon for the front cover of the inaugural issue of SHOCK.

The front cover carries a photograph of Maj. Mark Bieger carrying a wounded child in Iraq. This picture was apparently stolen electronically over the Internet and used as cover art. HFM has refused to recall the issue or compensate Mr. Yon for the artwork.

One would think that a media publisher would respect copyright law. Regardless of your stand on the events in Iraq, stealing of art for economic gain can not be tolerated. Please, click the button below to be taken to Mr. Yon's site where you will find several ways you can help.


Blogger Dymphna said...

I like Michael Yon and even contributed to his fund-raising for a new camera and night vision goggles for his time in Iraq. However, he really has passed on into the realm of the pros and as such needs to retain legal counsel to sue for copyright violation since he's made it quite clear on his site that his pictures are not for taking...

I also notice he's become less enthused about our efforts over there -- seems like it happened when he went to Afghanistan --which I realize impacts my enthusiasm for *his* work. I find myself clicking on to his site less often, so this may not be accurate on my part.

Not that I don't admire his hard and dangerous work. It's just that I hope he doesn't turn into some version of Kevin Sites...

7:17 PM PDT  
Blogger crosspatch said...

I really don't care what his politics are or what the politics of HFM is, you don't steal someone else's art for your own gain, period.

It could be any person's photo or any magazine. You might go to a car race and post a cool pic only to discover HFM using it to sell their latest Road & Track issue.

Thanks for commenting. Actually, I don't visit his site much at all. It was the theft of someone's art that chapped my cheeks.

7:55 PM PDT  

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