Tuesday, May 16, 2006

President Bush's Immigration Speech

Overall I thought the speech was superb. It covered all of my major points.

Catch and release -- no more
Barriers in rural areas -- done
Apply technology to border surveillance -- done
Beef up the Border Patrol -- done
In the meantime, put troops on the border in support roles to free up more Border Patrol for, well, patrolling the border.

He hit all the main points. I also support a guest worker program to legalize the illegals. We are going to need the Social Security tax as the boomers start to retire. We don't have enough youngsters in the pipeline to replace them. Immigrants will do the trick.


Anonymous bobbyd from SF Bay said...

He still wants amnesty which I feel is wrong! That's 1986 all over again. I say seal the borders first THEN talk about guest worker programs. Until the borders are sealed, employers are sanctioned, a workable method of checking who people are are in place, the guest worker program is on hold. This is our nations last chance to preserve our unequiness. I live in a largely illegal immigrant community and it's not pretty. They are tearing this country apart!!! You should rethink your position before it's to late!!

11:38 AM PDT  

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