Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our Military Much Improved

According to this report our military is in much better shape than it was 5 years ago.

I personally believe that Donald Rumsfeld is a genius. He is taking an engineering approach to building a modular military where different modules can be grouped together to configure a force that meets the threat du jour rather than the old model of having all our forces configured in large divisions to meet a cold war era threat. A couple of gems jump out of the report:

The Army is transforming from a structure of 48 brigades, none of which had stand-alone capability, to a force of 70 active and Reserve modular Brigade Combat Teams. "These more agile, lethal and more autonomous units can deploy and fight quickly with enough of their own firepower, armor, logistics and administrative assets to protect and sustain themselves over time," Rumsfeld said. This is leading to a significant increase in readily available combat power, he added.

Along with this one:

The Navy previously could deploy only three aircraft carrier strike groups at once, adding two more within 30 days. Today it can deploy six, and add another within 90 days.

And this one:

These changes all have come about, Rumsfeld said, while the U.S. military has been engaged actively in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, and while deploying around the world to meet the asymmetric threat posed by terrorism.

I am suspecting that some of that criticism that Rummy has been getting has been due to his changing of the configuration of the military and rocking the boat when it comes to their careers. I can imagine that a guy with 20+ years in and thinks he has everything pretty much figured out might get a little pissed when someone comes in and changes all the rules in the space of only 5 years.


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