Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good News from the Long War

It seems things are going very well in Afghanistan. Allied forces are pushing into areas we hadn't operated in before with good results. Over the past week or so, this increased pressure from NATO and Afghan forces have resulted in hundreds of Taliban dead and the capture of many others including some apparently high ranking figures. As perplexed as I am about our commercial media's portrayal of this as some sort of Taliban resurgence, the fact remains that what we are witnessing is our forces taking the initiative, moving into areas that had been avoided in the past and giving the resident Taliban a sound thrashing.

In Iraq, large weapons caches have been discovered, more "high value targets" have been detained and optimistic statements of security takeover by the government have been announced. One interesting even caught my eye today and that was the oil ministry again talking about getting foreign investments in infrastructure and development in place. It is nice to hear forward looking statements coming out of the various segments of the Iraqi government. Mohammad posting from Iraq on Iraq The Model blog mentions that the Iraqi party formerly known as SCIRI will now be known as SICI as they drop the word "Revolutionary" from their name. They have become "Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq" and Mohammed noted that he hopes it isn't long before the various groups begin to drop the word "Islamic" from their party names as they become more mainstream. Mohammed also reports that President al-Maliki has also called for "reactivating the Iraqi-Korean cooperation committee to give it a bigger role in Iraq's reconstruction".

The commercial media is still playing "Chicken Little" with frantic headlines such as "Armed groups propel Iraq toward chaos". They have been predicting "chaos" and "civil war" for months and Iraq still manages to move forward. I suppose that is par for the course for our "fake but accurate" media these days. It recalls an old George Carlin bit that went along the likes of "I call 'em like I see 'em and if I don't see 'em, I make 'em up!". Reporting the reality of the situation getting better or worse doesn't seem to be as important to them as getting people to believe they are getting better or worse. In this case worse. With the exception of the cities of Baghdad and Ramadi, everything I am hearing from Iraq from people actually there says things are getting better.

Word is that European countries are starting to keep an eye out for jihadis returning from Iraq as they abandon the lost cause there. That is also a good sign, in an unexpected kind of way. At least while they are in Western Europe they can be watched closely.

Yemen is starting to warily eye Somalia as they should. Somalia and the Palestinian territories are where al Qaida will be operating next. They have already started to stir up trouble in Gaza by planting bombs in order to foment trouble between Hamas and Fatah. Getting a war started between those two would be al Qaida's plan. I have to wonder, though, how much the Palestinians would take to outsiders coming in and killing Palestinians. That seems to be al Qaeda's method. They go into a country and start getting the people killing each other. In the end, it's the people they have come to "help" that end up paying the price and al Qaida never wins.


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