Saturday, May 27, 2006


UPDATE: After several hours with the incorrect information on their site, CBS finally decided to attribute the bribery investigation and allegedly corrupt Congressman to the correct party.

CBS news is reporting that the Louisiana Congressman caught on tape taking $100,000 and in whose freezer $90,000 of it was found is a Republican. He is a Democrat. The first two paragraphs of the article:

(CBS/AP) Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI director Robert Mueller signaled they would resign this week rather than give in to Congress in a dispute over an FBI raid on Rep. William Jefferson's Capitol Hill office, an administration official tells CBS News.

Top law enforcement officials at the Justice Department and the FBI indicated to their counterparts at the White House that they could not, and were unwilling to, return documents to the Louisiana Republican which were seized as part of a bribery investigation.

He isn't "the Louisiana Republican", he is "the Louisiana DEMOCRAT".


Blogger Neal5x5 said...

I'm sorry, but this comment isn't really about the posting. I enjoyed your post on about pulling out of Milwaukee. May I reprint it on my own blog "Dark Pearls of Wisdom" for my few readers (with proper attribution, of course)? I think they'd get a real kick out of it.


8:17 AM PDT  
Blogger crosspatch said...

Sure, go for it. And thanks for asking.

11:20 AM PDT  

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