Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Blogosphere

I am growing somewhat disenchanted with many of the blogs I read this days. I can't read the ones on the left because the mindless drivel and lockstep chants of the most moronic mantras are a useless waste of bandwidth. I am also starting to have more problems with the narrow minded islamophobic bigotry of many of the blogs on the right. Some are simply reduced to posting any negative story they can find about Muslims. Here and there I find what I consider to be good blogs with thoughtful discussion and analysis. Too much of what I am finding is just pollution. I guess it was bound to happen once something becomes popular. Same thing seems to have happened to the internet in general.

Lots of weeds out there these days.

One of the problems this causes is that people don't think. Instead they react. Many of the sites and the articles on them seem to be more of an emotional response rather than thought out. I don't need to name any names as these blogs are very common on both left and right. Logic be damned, we have our agenda to promote! We will create a reality that fits our agenda and anyone that doesn't see it must be wrong. You may disagree, just don't tell us so or we will feel obligated to attack you for daring to imply that we aren't correct!



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