Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Impeach Bush?

I read an article today on the web today saying that calls for an impeachment of President Bush are becoming more "mainstream" in the liberal press. It would never happen. Here is one important fact that everyone seems to overlook ... even with the media pretty much aligned 100% against him, they have been unable to sway the group that self-identifies as Republican. Bush's current low numbers are a result of poor showing among people identifying as independent. Even so, Bush's numbers have rarely gone below 40%.

Democratic Congressional leadership has even lower popularity numbers than Bush so there isn't likely to be any groundswell of support except from Democrats themselves. You need a majority of the House to impeach and a 2/3 majority in the Senate to convict. Neither scenario is likely to ever happen in Bush's term. The Republicans hold a solid majority in the House that is not under any serious threat in 2006. In order to impeach Bush, he would need to find himself with an alienated Republican party and that hasn't happened. Unlike Nixon who lost his support across the board, Bush has very strong support among Republicans. The last time I looked it was nearing 80% approval within his party. As it would require his own party to prepare charges in the House, no amount of "calls" from the press or protestor are going to make it happen. No articles of impeachment would ever see the light of day outside of a committee room table.

If you are using your energy and resources arguing for impeachment, do yourself a favor and focus your efforts on something that actually stands a chance of happening. I am sure there are dozens of worthy causes that would love to have your energy and passion.