Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another defeat for al Qaeda!

Yet another defeat has been handed to al Qaeda to add to the growing list. Today Iraqis went to the polls in droves. Al Qaeda tried as hard as they could for going on three years to prevent this day from coming, and they failed.

Al Qaeda is failing across the globe. They are failing to attract significant numbers of the Muslim population to join their gruesome mission. Public opinion in the Muslim world is turning against them. Their networks are being ripped up, their financiers uncovered, their funds frozen or taken away. At an increasing rate the leadership is being found and brought to justice or killed. There are signs that they are beginning to turn on each other as more governments infiltrate their ranks and distrust among them begins to spread.

They can not succeed. They have twisted the word of God and used it for the devil's work. They kill without concern for who absorbs the impact of their deeds. They kill children, they kill innocent civilians, they kill anyone and anything that happens to exist near them, they are nothing more than agents of death and destruction. They kill other Muslims that don't agree with them, they will kill anyone of any religion that accepts the rule of secular law. They create their own courts with proceedings that mock their religion and meet out punishments that are appalling by any civilized standard. They behave like animals.

Where do they go from here? Defeated in Afghanistan, defeated in Iraq, crumbling in Saudi Arabia, dying every day in Pakistan, crushed in the Philippines, tracked down in Indonesia they are fewer in number and weaker every day that passes. What else should they expect?

A mission we have been working toward in Iraq is now accomplished. Over the next few months ballots will be counted, committees will form, offices will be appointed, and a new government will begin taking it's first steps into the future. Each month that passes produces a stronger army and a larger police force. The population tracks down and turns in the terrorists in their midst. A people begin to take back their country first from the chains of tyranny and then from the fog of chaos. A bright new future dawns with the sun today in Iraq and soon our sons, daughters, neighbors and coworkers can begin their journey home having handed the evil bastards of bin Laden yet another humiliating defeat.

And let me also add an open letter from an American Muslim to al Qaeda and a column entitled Blowback May Bite Al Qaeda .

Hey, Osama! You seem to have a hole in your doctrine. I am seeing a trail of lost hearts and minds behind you.


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