Saturday, November 19, 2005

The most difficult days

These are the most difficult days of the entire Iraq campaign. Al Zarqawi will be pulling out every stop he has in order to prevent the final elections in December leading to a democratic Iraq. Allied and Iraqi forces are undertaking their most aggressive actions so far in Al Anbar province, directly confronting the core of the insurgency in order to weaken the insurgents and provide better security so that Iraqi Sunnis may vote with less fear of effective intimidation.

In the next three weeks we are probably going to see the highest Iraqi casualties, the highest US casualties and the highest allied casualties of the entire war as we begin to smash the center of the insurgent areas. Ramadi is going to play a central role and it is going to be interesting to see how events play out in that city as Steel Curtain works it's way eastward.

Yesterday near Mosul there was an attack on a house apparently being used by insurgents. They seem to have put up a ferocious fight. Three of those inside blew themselves up to avoid being taken alive. Whoever those people were in the building, they certainly didn't want to be captured by allied forces. They are yet to be identified but from all appearances, it was a high value target.

Zarqawi is at it again with bombing of mosques and funeral processions. Yet again he is killing Iraqi civilians and not aiming his minions at "the occupier". This is being seen by the people in the Muslim world as a sign of weakness and desperation. It is to me like the finale of a fireworks show where all the remaining bombs are let loose. Once Iraqis go to the polls and the government is installed with a Sunni investment, Al Zarqawi is going to have a difficult time aligning with anyone except the Saddamists.

So here were are facing about the most difficult month of the entire war. I wish the Iraqi people courage and strength in this trying time even as their allies make noises of abandoning them in their moment of greatest need. Good luck and may God bless you all.


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