Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jordan's Turn

Al Zarqawi should be looking a little more over his shoulder these days. It isn't like Jordan has been all that fond of him anyway, but now things are a little different. Jordan now has a reason to track him down and bring him to justice. The intelligence services of Jordan are well known for efficiency. In the past week Al Zarqawi has managed quite a number of setbacks. He has turned the population of Morocco against him. He has managed to start fights with other insurgents within Iraq. He has lost a major base of operations on the Syrian border. And now he has managed to give a powerful government bordering Iraq reason to track him down.

I believe we will soon see the main Al Qaida spokesmen breaking off any association with Al Zarqawi. Not only is Zarqawi a loose cannon, he is causing an effect within the Muslim community that is the opposite of that which is desired. Rather than being a rallying point, he has become an outcast. His actions are seen as horrible by those whose hearts and minds he would wish to win. He is losing public support across the board. At some point, I would expect Al Qaida to cut their losses, though they (Al Qaida) aren't exactly world renowned for their intellectual prowess.

If Zarqawi is still in Iraq, his days are numbered. If he is in Syria, he will be allowed to exist there for as long as he benefits the regime in some way and when it becomes to the benefit of the regime to betray him, they will.

Hey, Zarqawi, look out behind you!

UPDATE: This article is interesting. A pollster who operates in the Middle East has come to the conclusion that the Amman bombings may cause a "sea change" in Arab public opinion toward Al Qaida. It's nice to see others coming to the same conclusion though this has been in the works for some time. After a period of cooling towards Al Qaida, it is now politically fashionable to be outright anti-Al Qaida in the region. Goody!


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