Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It never stops

Well, they are at it again. Good news comes out and everyone seems to need to find a way to spin it as something negative. It seems every silver cloud has to have a dark lining. Went to my usual news sites today and they were all pretty much the same. President gives a speech and all I read are the critics and rebuts, nobody had anything good to say about what was said.

Great economic news too. The US GNP managed to grow despite Katrina/Rita. We are actually in some pretty good times. Economy is pretty solid, energy costs are coming down, situation in Iraq is stabilizing ... you would never know it to read the news though. Oh, and Bush's approval numbers are up too, not a peep on that either. I guess if it isn't negative, there's no sense in reporting it.

I am sick today with a headcold. Cold medicine has my head a little drifty and I don't feel like typing much. Later.


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