Monday, November 21, 2005

Immediate Withdrawal! Oh, wait, uhm ...

Maybe not *immediate* immediate withdrawal. Maybe a delayed immediate withdrawal phased in over several months. Yeah, that's the ticket! The Democratic leadership tickles me sometimes. They remind me of a cartoon character who jumps off a cliff and then whose legs get moving really fast and they are able to scramble back to the edge in thin air.

Oh, and I ran across this today. If it wasn't so serious it would be as funny as an old Charlie Chaplin movie. I still think all of this is a sign of serious desperation on the part of the Democrats. The party has no money, they have no platform other than "We're against whatever the Republicans are for" and overall, their party isn't making any hay over Bush's numbers dropping. They are hammering Bush but the polls I have seen still show the Democrats lagging the Republicans in general. Their strategy of bashing a politician that isn't running for office (Bush) seems odd to me. What do they hope to gain by shooting a lame duck? The only time you do that is when you have nothing else to shoot at. They're flailing. And it's almost funny.


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