Sunday, November 27, 2005

I am not alone!

Holy Toledo! I have discovered other blogs! I know that's kinda funny, but it is refreshing and intensely validating to find that others have come to the same conclusions that I have through their own independent analysis of what they see is going on.

I had stumbled across a couple of blogs in the past and I would post comments on them sometimes. I then visited Austin Bay's blog because of something that was crossposted to it from another blog someplace (might have been TMV, not sure) and I noticed his listing of other blogs. So I was curious and had a little time and checked some of them out ... WOW!

Now don't get me wrong, I am not in particular lockstep with any of the parties, in fact I find this a very frustrating part of my own political reality. No party is lined up on the issues the way I am but I find the Democrats to be the most dangerous of the two major parties. It is more likely the Republicans will come to tolerate my opinions than the Democrats will grow a spine.

I am going to lay out a little of my own political philosophy here just so people have a better idea of who I am. I don't believe social policy should be dictated by Washington DC. I believe community values are better decided by the communities and things that fit California might not fit Oklahoma. States should be free to enact laws that reflect the values of their residents. People are then free to vote with their feet if they don't like it. If a state adopts legislation that a large number of people find repulsive or silly, they aren't likely to move there. I am not likely to move to Kansas in light of the recent "intelligent" design ruling by their school board. At least not until the voters have a shot at that board. If they people uphold it, I know I won't be going to Kansas. Heck, I will go out of my way to avoid driving through it so I don't donate any sales or fuel tax to their silly government. If they find that over time they are having trouble attracting bright people, they might want to consider why.

Overall, that is one of the strengths of our country. A state is able to experiment a little. If something is a disaster, it only screws up one state and they can learn from the experience. If it works well, it can be copied by other states and the benefit is spread around. Dictating policy from Washington means that if something is a disaster, it screws up the entire country. No thanks. Hey, if a state wants to make a constitutional change to accept gay marriage, go for it. Then all the people who want that have a place to go and be happy and they can stop bugging other people in other places who don't want that. I have a problem with people who want to dictate their personal values on everyone across the entire country.

I am pro choice. I feel that the gay marriage issue has no place in national politics and should be decided at the state level. I would like to see a national sales tax replace our current income tax system. I believe that the Republican party's pandering to the fundamentalist far right is costing them more votes than it is gaining them. I believe that the Democrats are, for the most part, the used car salesmen of politics. They hold one principle near and dear to their hearts ... election to office at all cost. Where they stand on an issue depends on the polls. They have no backbone and will not take an unpopular stance when it is right. If you want to see how dysfunctional this country would be with Democrats running it, imagine a family where the parents face election every two years.

I am registered Libertarian but would consider registering Republican if they would stop the pandering to the far right, get the abortion issue out of national politics, get the gay marriage issue out of national politics. Allow states to decide for themselves and I will simply avoid the kooky states if I don't want my family living there. I end up voting Republican anyway most of the time since the Libertarians tend to run nuts for office and the Democrats run weasels

UPDATE: Lest someone get the wrong idea, I am not anti-christian. I grew up Episcopal, the old style, what would probably be called Anglican Catholic but back then it was the same Church of England chapel that people had worshiped in since the 1700's. Two of my kids have attended religious schools at some point in their lives and the youngest is currently attending a Methodist school. I have no problem with religion as long as it stays out of science. Intelligent Design is theology, not science and does not belong in science classes. Monotheism might be my individual belief, but I feel no need to shove that belief down the throats of kids in a science class.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am registered Libertarian but would consider registering Republican if they would stop the pandering to the far right, get the abortion issue out of national politics...
That is what they are trying to do. If Roe V Wade is overturned, it will be up to the states to decide the abortion laws for themselves.
Roe V Wade mainly said a state can't criminalize 1st trimester abortions. At the time 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions laws were left up to the states.

1:18 PM PST  
Blogger crosspatch said...

Well, I have a daughter and I don't want abortion illegal. If my daughter turned up pregnant at 14 or 15, darned right I would want her to have an abortion. I don't have a problem with 1st trimester abortions being legal across the board.

I want my daughter and other women to have that opportunity. Carrying a baby to term at a young age can be a terrible social stigma. For older women, it could mean financial disaster and be the straw that breaks the camels back in what could otherwise be a promising career. It could be the tipping point between a productive member of society and someone on public assistance for a significant part of their life.

I am fine with Roe Vs. Wade just like it is.

7:30 PM PST  
Blogger crosspatch said...

Oh, having said all the above, I *am* in favor of notification laws. If my daughter is pregnant, I want to know about it. Heck, I would even expand the requirements to say that even if a school finds out, they must notify me.

7:35 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

crosspatch you do know that if roe v wade was over-tunred abortions would still be legal... right?

8:17 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just want to add, I really do not see any state passing laws restricting 1st term abortions if were left up to the states. Maybe late term >32 weeks which would be fine with me.

8:22 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am prolife - that does not mean I want the current laws to change. In fact I would not want my state to make it illegal.
I am just very sick of this Roe V Wade thing. Seems that way too many people think that if it taken away ALL abortions everywhere would be illegal right away - just not true.
Heck in many states it would take 2/3 majority to change the laws already on the books that allow it. Something very hard to do.
(I have a girl and I would not force her to have the baby I just I can do things right so she would never have to make this chioce)

8:50 PM PST  
Blogger crosspatch said...

I understand that if RvW is overturned abortion would still be legal at the federal level as in not a crime but states could make it more difficult for women on public assistance to get one by refusing to fund them, for example. That would possibly result in women being trapped in poverty. Sure, I understand that there is some personal responsibility but things do happen. I don't believe in the use of abortion as retroactive contraception to enable irresponsible behavior but when you would have, for example, an underaged girl who possibly doesn't have the skills to act in a responsible way, there should be a remedy to having her life messed up forever.

SOME states probably would impose abortion restrictions. Texas comes to mind and possibly Oklahoma.

If it wouldn't change anything, why are some people fighting so hard to change it? If it wouldn't make any difference, why are so many people trying to get it overturned? Because the minute they change it at the federal level, they will concentrate their efforts one state at a time trying to make it more difficult.

Overall I am pro life in that the decision to abort should not be taken lightly. Having said that, there are good reasons for needing to. Imagine someone with two years of college left and already burdened with student loans. Having a baby could derail a career and leave someone in debt for most of their adult life. That person could have been a doctor or astronaut or engineer.

If someone is already on public assistance, having another child could mean staying on assistance for several more years. There NEEDS to be that option for certain cases that are not rape, incest, or health related. Not wanting one's life totally blown because they got a snoot full at a wedding reception and got careless after with one of the ushers is a good enough reason for me.

It is hard. How do you allow it yet not enable irresponsible behavior? Education, I suppose is the only real way. And the acceptance that some are going to be irresponsible ... figuring that the overall benefit outweighs the one or two abusing the system.

But my initial question stands ... if it isn't important, why are so many fighting over it and if it were overturned, what makes you think the issue would go away? I think it would just change from a federal to a state issue and we would STILL be hearing about it.

10:27 PM PST  
Blogger crosspatch said...

And this issue is one that separates me from the Republicans. I end up voting Republican because I think the Democrats are so wrong on so many other issues and I could never register Democrat (I gag at the thought, I see them as slimy cowards that simply tell people what they think the people want to hear in order to gain office).

So as you can see, I am torn in my politics. I don't think any party really represents my positions and I always end up making a "lesser of two evils" vote.

10:51 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Imagine someone with two years of college left and already burdened with student loans. Having a baby could derail a career and leave someone in debt for most of their adult life."
That was us (hubby/me both in college with loans), she is 12 now. Out of debt both have a good jobs. We had some very rough times but we got though them. I was told she would not be born alive - went forward anyway. (nothing was wrong she was fine)
Why does this come up as a major issue - I just belive that both sides are misusing it. I really belive most people do not know what ROE V Wade really did. The people I know think it made it legal(they though it was illegal everywhere before it). That is not what it did.
As for funding points you made - Roe V Wade has nothing to do with that. States do not have to provide funding now if they don't want to so the right wing groups are free to take on the states over funding now.

I am a Criminal Justice Major (law and courts) trust me. If it was overturned, since states already have laws on the books that allow it, it would be very difficult to change them. You can't pass a law that puts restrictions on it if it is contray to one on the books. Like I said it would take 2/3 majority to do that. If a state allows them up to 24 weeks, now wants to change it to 12 - 1st they would have to repeal the one that allows it up to 24 weeks This is really hard to do. For example, in my state it took 3 tries to repeal a law that had to do with people shacking up. This law was had not been enforced in decades. Finally was done in the 80's.

7:52 AM PST  

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