Saturday, November 12, 2005

From the foreign press

I found a CNN interview posted in the foreign press today that I thought I would share. Here is a link from the Times of Oman. For some reason I don't find it in the domestic US press.

As I expected and posted the other day, Jordan is now going to go after Al Zarqawi in Iraq directly. A short quote from the interview:

We are going to crack down and take the fight to Zarqawi, the king said in an interview with CNN television. We have been very successful in taking down his operations in the past ... (when) he used Jordanians. Now he has changed tactics, he is using foreigners. That means that our security services have to change tactics too.

And so it begins. Jordan will now be in Iraq hunting down Al Zarqawi's network and I believe they will get whatever assistance we can offer them. I doubt there are going to be very many "leaks" from the Jordanians to the press concerning that operation. Al Zarqawi's people are probably going to hope they are captured by the US rather than Jordan. After a few hours in Jordanian custody, they might be begging to be turned over to the US and sent to Guantanimo Bay. To the Jordanians, I say "Good Hunting".


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