Tuesday, November 08, 2005

California Propositions

I got to thinking about one of the propositions on the ballot today and what it really means. I have a seven year old daughter. We have a wonderful relationship. It she were under the age of consent, I could imagine her seeking an abortion without wanting me to know. She might be afraid it would disappoint me that she were pregnant. I would probably counsel her to obtain an abortion but today's proposition would take that away from me as a father. I might never find out. What if she got pregnant again? The state is just going to take care of it, right? And if she gets pregnant again? What about three more times? Is the state going to thing ME unfit as a parent when I never knew she was pregnant to begin with? And there are two people involved. Someone needs to let that other parent know to give their kid some tools to prevent that kind of thing. I don't care if she wants an abortion and I am not worried about giving "permission" for one, I probably would anyway. What I want to know is that she was pregnant so that steps can be taken to see that it doesn't happen again. Under current law, she could get pregnant 10 times and I would never know.


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