Monday, June 06, 2005

What's wrong with those guys?

I am starting to get why mainstream media is losing it's following. Because it produces drivel. Not only is it drivel, it is often weeks behind the curve. It got on my nerves a little this morning. I was doing some personal research to see how Operation Thunder was doing. From all the hard data I could find, it seems to be going quite well. Deaths of Iraqi army and police since the start of the operation are down 50% on a daily basis. Deaths by US forces are down even more. Hundreds have been rounded up, tons of ammunition and explosives have been destroyed, insurgent leadership and financiers have been caught. There have been no major setbacks. No mass vaporization of Iraqi forces in the face of resistance as happened a year ago. And what does the press report?

"Modest gains". Excuse me? 50% isn't modest in my opinion. Sunni clerics are calling for an end to the mayhem. Who gets the press today? That crazy al Sadr guy that used to go running around terrorizing neighborhoods with his private militia. Today's articles are still using phrases like "increasing violence" when that isn't the truth. It appears as if someone wants to create a certain outcome. As if it is important that there be increasing violence so they report it as such in the hopes of making people believe it is so. If a situation isn't what you want it to be, at least you can make it appear to be that way and influence the voters that way.

It is just silly and actually quite patronizing. Violence isn't increasing, it is dramatically decreased over the past 8 days. An increase in violence is reported immediately. A decrease is ignored. Why? Why aren't the news outlets praising the Iraqi army and giving it a reinforcement of confidence it could really use? So far this month 6 US soldiers have died in or of wounds sustained in Iraq. One of those 6 was, sadly, wounded in February and lost his battle with them yesterday. So we have 5 killed in actions this month. This is much better than last month yet all I hear is the statistics from May being repeated over and over and over.

June is a critical month of Iraq. If the media wants to help get our troops home, maybe they could offer some encouragement and hope to the Iraqis. It doesn't have to be doom and gloom all the time. In fact, it causes me to stop listening to them when I know the truth to be different. They lose their credibility.